Sherri lives in Pennsylvania and has just turned 47. As a happy individual who loves to smile, she first started noticing lines and wrinkles forming around her mouth in her early forties and decided she would need to find something that would stop the problem from getting any worse, because she certainly didn’t intend to stop smiling! Like many of us, Sherri had tried lots of skincare products over the years, but she was already familiar with the Solvaderm range and figured that one of our high-quality, professional strength treatments would provide a solution - and she was right! Multi-action Stemuderm gave her the anti-wrinkle results she was looking for and fast became one of her favorites. Now a permanent fixture in her skincare routine.

Sherri relies on it to keep her skin silky smooth and young-looking, summing it up in two words - ‘good stuff’. Sherri, we can’t think of a better description!